The Grannis Family

“We have always dreamed of being parents, but for many years we were not able to be. On January 22nd, 2014, that dream came true. We were blessed with the opportunity to become foster parents to a beautiful, brown-eyed baby girl. Our journey lasted for 2 ½ years and with the help of CASA, she is ours forever. CASA stood by our little girl the whole way through and helped decide what the best was for her future. They advocated for her. They attended visits and court hearings and testified as what would be best for her. We are thankful that there are volunteers who care and give so much time to the foster children in our community. We are forever blessed.”

Ron & Patti Ishmael

“We support CASA because of the positive effect it has on the youth of our area. CASA is without a doubt a very valuable asset to the community and we encourage everyone to support this worthy cause.”

James Fant

 “Becoming a CASA Volunteer moved me out of my personal comfort zone. In fact, my closest friends are amazed that I decided to do this. But I wanted to get out of my isolated, insulated life and not only experience the heartache and trauma occurring with children and families, but also do a small part to help bring healing, encouragement and health to those in crisis, especially children. CASA provided that opportunity and is helping me become a better man.”

Karin & Perry Poe

“Approximately seven years ago, a ten-year-old grandson entered our home to live with us. A CASA volunteer was assigned to work with him. We cannot say enough positive things about our CASA worker. She visited him on a regular basis and even attended some of his sporting events. She had a great impact on his life at the time of transitioning into our home. Having a CASA worker in court with us was especially helpful, putting us more at ease. She explained what was most likely to happen and was always available to help us through the process of getting permanent custody of him. So, not only was the CASA worker representing him, she was also there to help us.

Thanks so much to her for all she has done. She was definitely the BEST!

Perry and I both feel that having a CASA volunteer was the most wonderful thing that could have ever happened in our situation, and we highly recommend the use of CASA to anyone needing the help.”

Ms. Barbara Ware

“I became a CASA Volunteer to be connected to children and to hopefully make a difference in their lives. I have learned so much from the three cases I have closed, and the two I am presently assigned. After 5 years, I can say that my CASA experience has brought joy and rewards to my life that I thought I would never have again retiring from teaching.”

The Murrell Family

“We had always wanted a little family of our own but it never happened. We had pretty much given up all hope of ever becoming parents. When we decided to become Foster Parents, we never knew just how involved CASA would be. We cannot say enough good things about CASA. She was there visiting on a regular basis, attending court hearings and testifying on her behalf and even attended school sporting events to support our daughter. On October 20, 2020, as we stood in front of the judge to legally become our little girl’s mom and dad, CASA stood right there beside us. We do not know what we would have done without this amazing lady during this process. To this day she still comes to visit. We love her dearly and consider her family.”

Suzanne Patrick

“I decided to become a CASA Volunteer to try and make a difference in a child’s life. Little did I know how I would be changed through the process. As a nurse, advocating for a client is extremely important and your responsibility. However, advocating for a voiceless child has been the most powerful and rewarding experience I’ve ever known.”